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New Items: April Fools!

Written by Admin  Posted on April 01, 2022
Pssst... Over here, Kiddo. You like the new Remnant, eh? You like all the new shopkeepers? Ever wondered "what if...?" Yeah, I bet.

That's where your ol' pal Shady comes in. We've put together four brand new April Fools books for you to pick up in stores for one weekend only - that's right, you gotta buy 'em before noon on Monday, April 4th, before the mods catch on. And maybe keep it to yourself from the Snow Globe citizens too, uh, just in case this kinda thing goes against crystallization morals or something. 'Benevolent' my ass...

To keep things extra hush hush this year, you'll only find the Friend Fiction Selection stocked sneakily in the shops, not the individual books for sale. Don't worry, I made sure to add all four new books to the selection, so you can pick up as many copies of A Tangled Tail, A Sporting Chance, Hearth & Home, and Stay With Me... as you can afford.

Of course, if you're willing to pay a little extra, you can also send your Kith out to pick up extra copies using the Daily Activity called Buy An Item. Or, if you sneak on past the curtains in Backstage Broker, you'll find a limited-time April Fools shop for this weekend only, right here: https://tatteredworld.com/users/profile/Shady%20Character%20[npc]/shop
Jr's got a Friend Fiction Selection available in unlimited stock while I keep up appearances in my licensed legal regular shop.

I won't say where you got a copy if you won't.

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