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The Neatest Kith by Shazzbaa won the Kith Spotlight! Dandelion is absolutely the neatest kith around -- no messy toybox or bookshelf in sight!
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Site Contest Winners: February 2022

Written by Admin  Posted on February 21, 2022
I'm so sorry to disappoint you all, but I'm afraid that I received a notice this morning that Mr. Grant is no longer available to announce the winners of this month's Site Contest. I’m not sure what happened – he seemed so enthusiastic!

Poor dear… I'll simply have to forward him the wonderful winning entries to admire later! Everyone, please give a warm round of applause for Like a snow globe cracking by Haiz in the Art category, and PAlentines tradition by Battery in the Avatar category. Congratulations!

You'll both receive your prizes of the In the Spotlight Achievement, Spotlight Showcase, Spotlight T-Shirt, and 100 Gems in short time, as soon as I can deliver them. All the other lovely entries will be moved into the Past Contest Entries subforum.

Now, as for next month's Site Contest, I was thinking we're long overdue for a Kith Design contest! I do love seeing the creative transformations you all come up with together. Wouldn't it be nice to show our new Dweller friends what Kith allies can do when they're given some time to shine on their own? Perhaps a Game contest would go hand-in-hand with that theme, don't you think? The theme can be Celebrating Individuality!

The Site Contest will open up for entries on March 8th, so-

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