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Of Kith and Memories by Dread won the Kith Spotlight! But trying to decide who to showcase is always such a difficult task, every one of my allies I hold dear and we share so much together…That’s why you should showcase ME!!!
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New Items: February User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on February 13, 2022

It's the sweetest holiday of the year, when we all get a special chance to show our affections to the most important people in our lives! I've given Shady the day off today to relax and will be handling the Backstage Broker update with Jr. He's gotten so good at only taking teeny tiny nibbles out of all the items, you can barely even notice!

But for those of you who have submitted any custom submissions as a special gift, there is no need to worry, I've distracted him with a nice pile of Palentines Candy Hearts while I get those stocked. You'll be able to deliver those gifts fully un-nibbled!

Recolors will be coming at the end of the month and I think I've got some nice surprises tucked away for everyone! I'd also like to take this chance to thank everyone for their continued support and love for Tattered World. We've come a long way and so much has happened over the years. We've seen friends come and go but the site continues to grow! I hope you all have a very happy Palentine's Day and I can't wait to continue this adventure with you all.

First Time Submitter!
Mal Loup:
Flecked Shifter Ears
Flecked Shifter Tail
Orange Shifter Hair
Orange Shifter Bangs
Blue Shifter Eyes
Shifter Nose

Pretty and Pink Beret
Pretty and Pink Blouse
Pretty and Pink Skirt
Pretty and Pink Heels

Pink Boss's Crown
Pink Boss's Arms

Giant Tea Cup Selection - ( Undertow Giant Tea Cup )
Wrap-around Flame Tattoo Selection - ( Green Wrap-around Flame Tattoo )

Feline Nekoid Tail Selection - ( Feline Nekoid Tail Frost, Feline Nekoid Tail Pink )
Feline Nekoid Ears Selection - ( Feline Nekoid Ears Frost, Feline Nekoid Ears Pink )
Feline Nekoid Chest Hair Fluff Selection - ( Feline Nekoid Chest Hair Fluff Frost, Feline Nekoid Chest Hair Fluff Pink )
Feline Nekoid Arms And Legs Selection - ( Feline Nekoid Arms And Legs Frost, Feline Nekoid Arms And Legs Pink )
Nekoid Black Split Bakeneko Yokai Tail
Revenge Avian Helm

Moth Wing Cape Selection - ( Brown Moth Wing Cape, Black Moth Wing Cape, Pink Moth Wing Cape )
Moth Caller Lantern
Golden Feathered Circlet
Yellow Feathered Feelers
Suspiciously Placed Gun
Ball Pit Jail
Crescent Moon Mask

Iris Companion Selection - ( Smiling Iris Companion, Lovebug Companion )

Mermaid Punch Selection - ( Berryberry Mermaid Tail, Berryberry Mermaid Punch, Hydrolight Mermaid Tail, Hydrolight Mermaid Punch )

Moth King of Moths:
Character Flower Crown Selection - ( Flower Crown of Dark Devotion, Flower Crown of Irritation, Flower Crown of Luminous Strength, Flower Crown of Unending Hope, Nightfall Flower Crown of Unending Hope, Flower Crown of Caffeination, Flower Crown of the Bashful Maverick, Flower Crown of the Worthy, Flower Crown of the Heartwood, Flower Crown of Loving Inspiration, Flower Crown of Dearest Rainbows, Flower Crown of Shining Beams, Flower Crown of Sunny Days, Flower Crown of Homoerotic Subtext )
Head Moth Selection - ( White Lace Head Moth, Luna Head Moth )
Pink Love Potion

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