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Code Update: 2/8/22, Part 2

Written by Admin  Posted on February 08, 2022
For everyone who was logged in between 7:00PM CHT and 7:45PM CHT, my apologies! Looks like the new Daily Login Bonus had a problem understanding the time zone when our servers began a new day in server time (which is GMT, rather than CHT - Central Hope Time). This caused Robin to hand out an unending avalanche of reward items that flooded everyone's inventory with every single page refresh! Whoopsie.

Though we have fixed the bug and removed most of the excess items from peoples' inventories, any reward items that were used while the bug was happening are going to be considered a casualty of the time, we're not going to hunt them down and delete whatever shards or Kith ability points you gained from them. However, users who used those items may find their daily streak reset to 0 instead of 1, so you'll have to start your streak over.

Thank you all for your patience with us as we hunted down the bug and squashed it as fast as we could! As always, if you notice any other problems on the site, please report it to the Technical Support Forum so we can fix it as soon as possible.

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