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The Battle by Dread won the Writing Spotlight! Now those she did recognize,
only one had such beautiful eyes;
she stumbled forward and grasped,
pressed their lips together unasked,
A kiss for her Princess disguised.
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Code Update: 2/8/22

Written by Admin  Posted on February 08, 2022
Hello again, everyone! It's been a while since our last code update, but we're making steady progress on the site upgrade. We're also working on a couple more accessibility features regarding the site's theme/colors that we hope to get to you soon.

However, the reason I'm making a news post today is to announce an exciting new feature called the Daily Login Bonus! Every day that you login to Tattered World, you'll receive a free bonus item in your inventory automatically, just for logging in (or being logged in already). You'll get even better rewards for every consecutive day that you're logged in, for up to six days in a row! Each 'day' is the full 24 hours on the clock, so you can login at 12:01AM on Monday and then at 11:59PM on Tuesday and still receive the login streak for both days.

This login bonus introduces one particularly special new type of item that you can receive on your third day in a row: the Price Match Receipt. This item can take any other non-premium item in your inventory and return it in exchange for any non-premium item of equal or lesser value! At long last, a way to shortcut through the shop waiting times! Note that the item must not be premium or special (such as items released in the University Lab), and it must be published on the Wishlist (so you cannot price match items that are unreleased, or a private custom user submission).

If you notice any issues or problems with this feature, or anything else on the site, please report it in the Technical Support Forum so we can take a look and try to get it fixes as soon as possible.

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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