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Chub, the Chubby Blepper by Elfy won the Kith Spotlight!
Once upon a time, there was a blepper named Chub. The blepper loved his ally very much, but his one true love was food.
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New Premium Items: Hope Companions!

Written by Admin  Posted on February 04, 2022
Pst! Psssst, hey you! Yeah, you! Wanna buy a friend?

No, not me! Though my love is often directly correlated to Gems; I'm taking about some very special people right behind this velvet curtain! TAH-DAH! Eh? What do you mean 'that's just the Headmaster'?! Do you have any idea how hard he is to get a hold of these days?! Companion Nicholas is a premium-quality friendship to possess, and one you should devote yourself to getting! (See what I did there?)

If he's so busy, why do I just have him milling around back here?
Uh, well, you see-

Why isn't he out helping with all the Snow Globe business?
Oh, well breaks are super important and-

Spirit Loafers don't match your head cannon?

UgH! OKAY! You caught me! This isn't really Headmaster Nicholas... I've finally perfected my illusion magic beyond just leaving up echoes of the shop keepers' images when they run out of the store for a potty break. Now I can make walking, talking simulacrum of everyone's favorite Hope University NPCs! Just in time for Palentine's, too!

What better way to let someone know you're super good pals with them than to have your very own doppelganger of them to hang out with while they have to work? Stop making that face; it isn't creepy, it is FLATTERING!

Come on, don't you want to collect this cool new set? I've got the whole Artios family here! From the previously-shown Companion Nicholas to the angel of the bank herself, Companion Estella! Of course Companion Piper is here too, and I've also included Companion Lycus for those who don't want to grind out the free-to-earn donation Achievement (though you can totally still earn a Companion Lycus that way, he's just being included in this bundle for completion's sake)!

Companion Robin and Companion Miranda are both here and looking fashionable as always. Peep those socks! You can't tell me that isn't trendy!

Companion Andre is getting a well-earned break and BFF Companion Kei can hang out in his current iteration or be wearing his old necklace with Original Companion Kei!

Finally we've got our most business-minded NPCs available with Companion Jay, who you can beg to restock your hard-to-find items, and everyone's favorite Administrator TM Companion Shady Character!

You can pick up your new personal best buddy in either the Hope Companion Badge Bundle or Pick A Part: Hope Companion Badge today!

The other Remnants will have their Companion Badges made, uh, someday! What do you mean, "where's Iris?" Look, I tried making one of her and we ended up with a whole parade of baby Kith leaving the Tatters to follow her image around and it was just BAD! I'm still paying people back for property damage...

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