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Constellations by Gloria won the Art Spotlight! How long will you record the stories of others before you forget about your own?
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Site Contest Winners: January 2022

Written by Admin  Posted on January 24, 2022
By the bounty of Spring, look at these amazing contest entries! Our winners of this month's site contest are Stun lock! Stun lock! by Taiga in the Battle category, and Remnants Crazy Quilt by Tisane in the Item Design category. Congratulations!

I truly appreciate the joy you've brought to this contest. Your prizes of the In the Spotlight Achievement, Spotlight Showcase, Spotlight T-Shirt, and 100 Gems will be delivered shortly, while all the other contest entries will be moved over to the Past Contest Entries subforum. Thank you to everyone who participated, with an entry or a simple cheer!

I'm really looking forward to meeting all these new Dwellers. Shimmerjoy may have cause to mistrust us after what happened with the Lucky Venture, but I hope with all my heart that she lets us learn about this crystal curse and find a cure for it. Chrysa has started prophesizing about a Lost Goddess of Silence… Was this Her doing? Whatever occurred, it doesn’t sit well with me. Not being able to speak your mind, or say what's weighing you down... I'd have fallen in battle a long time ago if I were trapped by such constraints.

Well, there's no sense in dwelling on it. Oops, accidental pun? Haha! Let's just share our cheer and celebration here, so the Dwellers can see our community camaraderie and everything we can accomplish when we come together!

And as for the February Site Contest, with the theme of Palentine’s Pals - according to these notes, we’ll be having an Avatar Contest and Art Contest, beginning on February 7th! How spiffy!

As for the host… According to these notes from staff, it seems that… Hmmm, only one shopkeeper has never volunteered to host a site contest? A shopkeeper who has always been wildly popular during Palentine’s Day, who therefore seemed “like a good fit.”

So apparently, the Palentine-themed Site Contest will be hosted by-

…Oh, dear.

Elliot Grant?

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