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December Update: Dark Theme!

Written by Admin  Posted on December 14, 2021
That's right, it's finally here: DARK THEME!

We've made some major changes to the site layout and structure, so even users who continue to use the Light Theme will notice some changes to the colors around the site! For sake of ease, we have reduced the hundreds of colors (we had way more than fifty shades of gray) to a much smaller handful of colors that are set by variables. This makes for much easier adjusting on the admin side of things - at least it's easier for me, since CSS has never been my strong suit, haha.

Since this is a very major change, I do expect to see a few places where the colors are off or missing, so please report any stray colors in the new pinned Technical Support thread: Messy Site Colors & Images. We're also expecting to find quite a few images that need adjusting to suit the Dark Theme, since it's very easy for artists to miss a stray pixel when they export! Both of these issues should be reported in this new pinned thread.

You can change your theme anytime for free in the Customization tab of your Settings page.

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