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These Dreams in the Mist by Rosewater won the Writing Spotlight! Strangely, they felt as if in a dream, not really awake. But that wasn't possible, was it!
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New Items: November User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 30, 2021
Happy end of November everyone! I hope you have all managed to eat lots of good food this fall to prepare for the coming winter! The winds have been getting real chilly lately so I've been trying to pack on a few extra ounces before the inevitable barrage of snow starts.

You know what I've also been trying to pack on? Recolors! I bet some of you can even guess what to expect this time! You might have noticed that, despite the fact that the newly-released Steel Mawnite Chains only have 1 color, they were in Pick A Part: Mawnite Chains Badge as a reward... Well that was because I was always planning on making some recolors for it! You can now select Black, White, Green, Brass, Copper, or Gold chains from the quest reward!

Those eagle eyes may have noticed that the Veilious Shadows ALSO has a Pick A Part! I wanna do recolors for those too but have run into a curious conundrum - I don't know how to recolor it! I could do a full color swap on it, taking out all the black and switching it to another color. That would be the easiest recolor to do, but I could also keep the base of the shadows black and use a gradient color on the tips sort of like the Luminous Halo of Hands. So I thought I'd put the question to you all: how would you like to see the Veilious Shadows recolored? Post down below to let me know!

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