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New Items: Warming Winter Recipes!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 25, 2021
Brrr... A chill wind's blowing. Looks like winter may come early this year. Are you tadpoles prepared to weather the cold? Bah, just come inside already. My Sunstone's warm enough for all.

The surest way to shake off the cold is by making a fresh, hot meal. Grab your Elven Quickblade and join me in the Enchanted Kitchen - I'll teach you a few new recipes that will fill your belly nice and warm. Now watch your fingers, tadpole, because the Herbed Aubergine Rollup requires careful knife work. That's really all the difficulty there is to it, though, so once you've mastered the thin slices you can recreate this dish with ease.

My famous Stuffed Stinging Nettles require similar caution, as those nettles can really sting if you slice against the growth. Watch and learn - like this, okay? Practice makes perfect. If you like, you're always welcome to swing by for more zucchinis! The harvest was beyond plentiful this year. I've heard talk among the Dryads that the soil is becoming quite rich between royal magic and strengthened tailoring.

That reminds me - have you ever tried Tasty Dryad Pots? They're stuffed full of healthy goodness! It's a great way to get the picky eaters their veggies, since they look like little 'pots' of the forest's bounty. You might also try making the Tea Steamed Aubergine for them, as the steaming process really helps to create a mild flavor.

More adventurous palates can sample the Spicy Radish Stew. Just a taste, tadpole, don't go biting off more than you can chew - this dish is hot. Typically I save it for the worst of winter days, when snow piles up so high that we have to dig out the homes in Dryads' tree roots. There have been some years where Elves had to evacuate to the treetop levels before the snow hardened into ice thicker than my waist!

Heh, all right, enough reminiscing. Let's wrap up with a dessert, the Sweet Amaranth Mush. You'll want to cook this one long and slow, tadpole, to make it worth your while. The more time you give the amaranth to break down, the sweeter your treat will be.

Good. You're looking much better, with a healthy flush to your cheeks now. How's your stomach? Are you too full to head out yet? Well, sit and stay a while. I've got enough Sunstones to last as long as you like. I'd be thankful for the company.

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