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Spectrum Consort's and Siren's Robes by Rayne won the Recolor Spotlight! The Shadow Stage is full of colorful characters, but a color-lacking Thespian may turn to Spectrum to fill the rainbow void in their heart.
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New Premium Items: Shadow Stage Kith Apparel!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 05, 2021
A new Sea Witch? Are you certain? No, no, it is not that I doubt you, my dear skeletal comrade, it is just - a ghostly disembodied voice spiriting away good souls to a sick and fanciful fake fairytale life for all others to behold like some kind of perverse play... That is, quite literally, the horrific fate from which I swore to protect the Shadow Stage. Are we absolutely sure that this was not-


Mawnite! My friend, please! Such language is not befitting a heroic tongue! Very well, I will refrain from speaking of that maskless monstrous puppeteer in fear of upsetting our sea-soaked friends. You are right about one thing, at least; his very name still strikes such a rage into my heart, even now! I can only image how raw and tender those who have most recently suffered must feel.

Hail and well met, everyone! We come with more than just good tidings, but gifts as well! While the Shadow Stage has known the sting of the Everstorm's salted bite, we are also woefully familiar with the pain and confusion of false words and dreams. Thus it was decided that we would bring unto all that need it, a bit of extra courage and protection with new Shadow Stage Kith apparel! Now you can don the Role of Mawnite, Castwick, Eludance, and Veilious to help you face even your darkest of foes! For I can think of none braver than those who first broke their chains of Stagehand servitude!

Allow me a bit of bias to introduce the line of Mawnite first, who dare I say, is the most handsomely brave and heroic of all Kith. Among the loudest of all of Mawnite's features, whose jingle jangle can strike fear into even the coldest heart of any ghostie or ghoulie, are the Mawnite Chains. This item can be obtained from an hourly quest with The Scribe, as she is in charge of setting up new roles. She will also be adding one item from each of these Shadow Stage Kith sets into that quest rotation!

If rattle alone is not enough, I suggest you seek out the bite of the White Mawnite Maw! Nary a crumb shall escape such an expertly-honed tongue! But if that is still not reach enough for your needs, then the White Mawnite Tail may offer the protection you desire! Just heed those around you to prevent any accidental tripping into open graves. They are not particularly fun to climb back out of. And of course, should these still not be enough to help you fully embody the mighty Mawnite then you must come to possess the magnificent White Mawnite Aura! Nothing is quite as comforting as the warm aura of a friend such as mine.

Or perhaps you feel yourself more in-tune with the spotlight of mystical glamor that is the brilliant Castwick! You can now set your heart ablaze with bravery using the Pink Castwick Heart Flame, should you quest to find it!

And to keep that heart flame burning bright, I recommend the Pink Castwick Cap to keep yourself dry! Even the leakiest of wagon roofs would be no match for this sturdy helm! After all, Pink Castwick Embers are a treasure to be shared, not squandered on some unfortunate rain. It is best for everyone involved to let go of their negative feelings and keep to joyous, happy ones, lest their souls fall prey to a haunting! Should you find yourself unable to cast off such dark thoughts, then maybe the strength of a Pink Castwick Shadow will remind you that you are not alone and do not have to face the darkness on your own... That your own bright heart can lead those both in need, and in aid, to you.

If that song does not stir your heart, mayhaps the graceful and sturdy Eludance will bring you to your feet! The Gray Eludance Gems will bring you a dazzling view of the world, sparkling and bright with fresh possibilities - if you play your part in quests to find them.

Of course, such flights of fancy do run the risk of your heart running away with you, so I must insist that you equip yourself with the protection of the Gray Eludance Belts or Gray Eludance Chestplate to keep your heart where it belongs! Mawnite keeps saying we ought to get one for myself as well, but nay, my armor does a fine job of protecting me from the nastiest of beasts! And if defense is not enough, you should consider arming yourself with the mighty weapon of Gray Eludance Geomancy, which is as beautiful as it is deadly graceful. Trust me, you do not want to get dashed to pieces on these glittering rocks!

Of course we all feel a certain strength in numbers, and for those who desire even more protection, I suggest taking up the mantle of the multitude that is the Veilious! Veilious Shadows can help you reach out for any goal you desire; I hear they are great at helping during restock rushes at any of the stores! You can secure yours by mollifying The Scribe and her hourly requests.

The Black Veilious Mask is the perfect start to anyone looking to be decent in polite public company. And if you find you are not in company enough, then the Black Veilious Multitude Masks can swiftly cure that. Just be aware that you will go through mountains more snacks if you do take up such diverse party. And while the Veilious is thought to be one of the most tireless of all Kith, they also know a good lesson or two about rest thanks to their Black Veilious Blankie. Honestly, after all this walking through the tatters I wouldn't mind a little lay down myself!

Hm? What is this note you are handing me, Mawnite? Oh! That is right! I was told to read this upon the closure of our presentation by that strange talking snack food. Ahem.

Please remember that all items directly relate to the specific color of the Kith rather than the color listed in the item name. Please make sure to check the previews provided in the item bundles as well as your own dressing room to make sure you are selecting the item color you desire. We have also included the free items in the badge preview images for the sake of clarity, even though they can only be found within Scribe's special hourly Quest.

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