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Happily Ever After by Gloria won the Art Spotlight! And they all lived ever after. No... that's not right, let's try again.
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Happy Hope Anniversary

Written by Admin  Posted on October 19, 2021
WOW! Can you believe we're already celebrating our five year anniversary? That's right, it's been five whole years since we launched the open beta version of Tattered World - and back then it was called Tattered Weave! We've been through so many changes, working hard to bring you engaging stories and impactful events, listening to user feedback and making improvements time and time again - and most importantly, building a community that is so warm and welcoming that I can't imagine where I'd be without you all. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for joining us on this journey!

As always, I have turned the shop cooldown timers off and they will remain off until midnight tonight, giving you a full 24 hours of unlimited access to buy as much as you want from the shops! Well, your Shards are still limited, but at least you won't have a cooldown timer in the way.

New to the shops is our Year 6 Uniform set, which will now be the default uniforms given to all new accounts created over the next year. Be sure to pick up your Year 5 Uniform set if you haven't already, as it will be leaving the shops tonight at midnight!

Since five years is such a big milestone, I went a little overboard and have a couple of site updates for you all today as well. Enjoy!!

The first update I'd like to showcase is in the Dressing Room. If you didn't already have enough to spend your Shards on today, I've got even more for you to save up for! Every account can now buy up to 5 additional Equipped Item slots with an increasing amount of Shards! These special slots are account-locked and cannot be Traded like the Clothes Hanger items can be.

The other code update we have for you today is within the Group Options dropdown menu in the Inventory - at long last, you can now use multiple items at once on your Kith! Every selected item will attempt to be used one time (so stacks of items will only use one of that item through the Group Options menu) with the exception of bundled items and multiple choice items (like premium badges and selection items and Kith coins) and battle items (like strategies and binding items). Please keep in mind that this is a huge feature update, so there may be some bugs - you can report any issues to the Technical Support Forum and we'll work on getting fixes up as soon as possible.

Finally, I have one last update to bring you. Our artists are working on a comic to help newcomers learn the characters and history in a quick and easy format which will also help them learn some of the site mechanics. The first six pages are now available to read here, starting with Page 1! You can also find a link to the comic on the logged-in home page. Though this comic will not be on a specific update schedule, we will add more pages in batches as they are completed!

With all the new out of the way, I will end on a repeating note that I mean sincerely every time I say it: Thank you all for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

Three cheers to another year of fun and games together!

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