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New Items: Haunted Halloweave!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 12, 2021

Scanning... Scanning... Nothing?! S-stupid rain...! We’re definitely going to need to use these transmission boosters from the Solarium, or there’s no way our signal will g-get through all these storms! I’m switching them on now.

Hypothesis: Already? But... the outlined plan = wait for the Colosseum soldiers to drive back the outermost wave of Snarls before we initiate our broader search of the area...

Argh... I know, and the last thing I want is for their tech to get fried by all this lightning... B-but this Enchanted Sonar is b-basically useless on its own! And Marcus c-could be out there right now, in trouble...!

Recall the warnings of Princess Celariel - we must not allow emotions to make us vulnerable! This calls for a compromise. Hypothesis: wisest course of action = deploy the safety earmuffs!

You’re... Y-yeah, you’re right. What w-was I thinking? Here, I’ll help you put on yours, too. Lenta and the Princess worked so hard on the enchantments for these, using everything they learned during the Illuminary Gala... So even though these vines are, um, pretty uncomfortable, hopefully this will -

OH! That’s the signal from the squadrons - we’ve got our moment! Quick! Help me hook up the transmission range b-booster before the next round of Snarls shows up... Recalibrating the long-range signal... THERE! We’re finally picking something up on the scanner!

But th-these numbers... I’m getting some r-really strange readings from the ocean floor. And... weird, it-it says there’s something on the beach? But I-I-I can’t make out anything in all this mist... Let me, um, turn on the goggles upgrades that Rigby hacked together for me. O-okay, yeah, err, there’s definitely s-somebody out there...

Wait! The shape of that silhouette - that height, those shoulders - M-Marcus? MARCUS! Is that you, please be you...

Yes! Oh, Marcus, thank g-goodness, I was t-terrified that you were lost, or g-gone, or -


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