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Whereverwinged by Haiz won the Writing Spotlight! Odd question, but you know the sound of your boots hitting the ground? That soft ‘thump’? I swear, it sounds different at Hope than anywhere else.
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New Items: Recipes From The Missing

Written by Admin  Posted on September 21, 2021
Everyone, please, swim close. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm being nosy, or melodramatic, but...

Bonnie and Tethys never came home last night.

Bonnie's crew just keeps making... particular jokes about the fact that they were last seen swimming off together. And yes, it’s true, the two of them used to get up to this sort of thing constantly, back when they were dating... Honestly, it seemed like every week they would vanish without telling anyone, swimming off together on some over-the-top impromptu adventure. Mrrgh, it was impossible to keep track of them! Those two were always in their own little world, laughing and cooing...

But I don’t think I need to tell you those days are long gone. I’m sure you’ve noticed that Tethys isn’t very good at forgiving and forgetting. And Bonnie... Oh, I’m biased, but I always felt she was much too eager to move to the “forgetting” step without ever bothering to ask for forgiveness. So... I don’t know, I just don’t see the two of them getting swept away in emotions! Not again. Not this time.

And so I... I’m worried they got swept away by something else.

Especially because the fact that Marcus left without X has STILL been bothering me! That’s three people gone! Though all with perfectly plausible reasons...

Ogenus thinks I should leave them to their privacy. Shay agrees that “the discrepancies are worrying” but wants “comprehensive evidence” before we do anything... And oh, it’s true that I've been on edge even before this situation. Tethys knows me well enough that she was right about that part, at least... And she’s only been missing a day besides, so it’s all probably nothing, but...


But things aren’t the way they were during the Everstorm. Pirates dragged down by the surf - Merfolk dashed to seafoam against the rocks - it’s not like that now! People don’t just vanish, and leave you wondering forever, and... That shouldn’t have to be something that we just... just... ACCEPT anymore! I don’t want to go back to that!



I’m sorry. I’m Overreacting. I’m just - overreacting...

X: not so! Many of the students of Hope share your concern!


X: Indeed! A great number of them were just as unsettled as you were, their words fretting and nervous - oh, listen to the wailing worry! They have discussed avidly and sent inquiries to other friends, and they sent me many reassurances that Marcus would never have left me like so!

Let us trust our instincts and investigate! I propose we embark on a treasure hunt of our own... to seek evidence of whether or not something is amiss!

It certainly would help to get a little more clarity... especially if there IS something wrong. But... I don’t think I’m the best mermaid for this. I won’t - I can’t - I’m too close. It’s too close. I need space.

But if the students of Hope don’t mind joining you...

X: Yes! I understand, Dione, and you can leave it to us. I can see it now: all of us together, investigating the homes of our missing friends, calming consolations and compelling clues catching our eyes, leaving no corner unturned as we dive ever deeper into this compelling mystery-

Hold on, I don't want to violate anyone's privacy! Maybe only take a look around their main shops, just to see if there's anything that seems obviously worrying, without getting into any personal items-

X: Ohhh, personal items... Like those special new recipes that I spotted among Bonnie and Tethys’ accoutrements!! What a treasure trove of information those could be!!!

Wait! Mrrr, X, get back here-

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