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Our Lady of Perpetual Roses by Ruevian won the Avatar Spotlight! In a hidden garden stands a forgotten artifact, frozen in time and gradually being overtaken by roses and greenery.
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Code Update: 9/13/21

Written by Admin  Posted on September 13, 2021
Hello, everyone! Today we're updating a couple of processes on the site in an attempt to fix two bugs, explained in detail below. Unfortunately both of these fixes are tentative and need to be placed on the site at scale to ensure they are working correctly, so please let us know in the Technical Support Forum if you notice any problems or issues related to today's changes!

The first bug is that of the repeatable Kith personality achievements. We've edited the way the achievement is triggered so that it should now reward an achievement any time any of your Kith reaches a max personality, including through the use of a Change of Heart. If you receive multiple notifications, please let us know in the Technical Support Forum ASAP so we can adjust the code and make sure this is working correctly! For those of you who did not receive the achievements you should have for maxing out a Kith personality, I will be manually granting rewards later today - if you do not receive an achievement that you ought to have received, please let me know via private message on the site and I will get that to you as soon as I can.

The other bug we've worked on today is that of the weekly rewards. Many thanks to Dread for sleuthing out the problem, which had to do with timezone weirdness - the site was thinking "last week" meant "last last week" due to the way our code base looks at calendar dates, so rewards were delayed by 1 week for everyone. We sent out additional rewards earlier today to 'catch up' and from now on the site should be correctly looking at "last week" scores when it processes rewards on Sunday.

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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