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Kith #404 is Link, who can usually be found adventuring through dungeons or cooking food in the comfort of his enchanted kitchen.
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Site Contest: September 2021

Written by Admin  Posted on September 07, 2021
WOO, and down the hatch it goes - whoops! Aw, shit, I almost fell overboard! But one o’ yer Kith would catch me in that basket of theirs, right? Not that I wouldn't break straight through it, har har har!

Hey, I know we've been a lil’ loud, but that's just us enjoying life! The sun’s shining, the sky’s blue, the breezes are light - it's another gorgeous day to set sail around the reef! And better to waste a whole barrel o’ grog - *urp*- than to let a gorgeous day go to waste, as my ma always said! Lil’ bit of pirate wisdom for ya! So today’s another party, jussssst like yesterday… And the day before that… and… the day before that…

HEY, whaddya say we shake things up with the September Site Contest: High Scores and Tall Tales!

See, we pirates got a whole slew o’ stories we share! Adventure stories, like the tale o’ the swashbuckler and the siren… Spooky stories, like the tale o’ the ghost ship in the mist… Even love stories! Though lemme tell ya, my old love-life ended up being a pretty spooky adventure, HAR!

So spin me some yarns of yer own! In the Games Contest, ya can brag about yer score on this new Trash Catch game that Tethys came up with - snap a picture o’ the score ya wanna share, and spin a tale to go with it!

Or weave me a longer story in the Writing Contest! Speculate ‘bout these new Merfolk pals that Tethys recruited, with the octopus tentacles and shark tail for their mer-bits - or make up some secrets for some of my rowdy crewmates! We’ll read yer ideas aloud during sea shanty night for a laugh - they’ll love ‘em!

The entries start today! The contest’s gonna end on September 19th at 12:00 (noon) CHT - and the winner of each category gets a treasure chest full o’ 100 Gems, as well as a special In the Spotlight Achievement and some unique items, the Spotlight Showcase and Spotlight T-Shirt!

Winners get chosen by yer own crew, based on the number of Cheers that their entry receives. And says here y’gotta - *hic* - read the Rules? Sure, I guess...

Now grab yer grog and get gabbing!

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