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New Items: August User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on August 31, 2021

Okay little buns, are you all stayin' in your specifically sorted pots of dye colors? Aww, Orange, you silly bun, if you climb into the blue pots you'll turn into a muddy-brown plot bunny! I dunno what that would even do - do plot bunnies come in brown? Wait, wait, don't crawl in there, please!! Andre asked me t'keep the dyes from spillin'!!! I'm a 'sponsible Kith now!!

Phew! Good thing I've hired out extra help this month t' make sure the Prim Party is a real parrrrrtaaaayyyy!!!!

Dread, you and Light Seraphim Ugling'll be in charge of watchin' the white end of the spectrum among these monochrome buns! Dark Seraphim Ugling, you get the darker end! Honestly they've been the best behaved of the plot bunnies runnin' around so your jobses shouldn't be too hard. I jus' don't want the white dye t' end up contaminated! I'm runnin' out of bleach to clean it up!!!

Kreszia11, you and Prism Jeweled Ugling'll be watchin' the yellow-blue end of the colorful plot bunnies. Y'can prob'ly distract them by reflectin' some pretty prim light onto the floor with all your lovely jewels!! I've seen some chase around laser pointers over at the Lab so I bet it'd work here too~!

Gwendolyn! You and Black Firelight Cinis are on purple-orange duty! Thoooough y'may wanna be wary of any of the red ones being drawn t' your tail flame. I'm pretty darn sure plot bunnies are fireproof, but I do NOT know what it'd feel like t' get your fire smothered by buns! Best not t' take any chances!!

Haiz and Urban Talion, you two have the UBER important role of scurryin' around an' picking up any escapin' buns before they can make a giant mess of things! Just uh, please don't eat any that you catch. I don't think that plot bunnies are good for Talion tummies. We got plenty of way better snacks, an' if you need me t' dump some into a trash can for you, that can be arranged!

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