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New Items: Books!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 11, 2016
Fearsome Fiction and Winds of Change

There have been so many Kith coming through the Campus Supplies store looking for new books these past few months. It’s both heartwarming and mildly worrying for me, if the Kith are truly chewing through their books that quickly (not literally, I hope). However, Iris has given notice that the Kith have all agreed to slow down their learning curve - I’m not sure that’s a good thing, but more reading does make for a well-rounded person; or Kith in this case. Each book will be rewarding 1-3 less points of Reason starting tomorrow.

Luckily for you, I can answer the call for new books now that I have personally read each and every one to make sure they were suitable for all ages. Look at all these great fictional stories! Th-that is to say, I still quite enjoyed all the new textbooks and historical collections, but there is something so uniquely wonderful about getting lost in well-crafted fictional worlds.

To start, let me reveal the new textbooks for our upcoming round of classes. We have English Syntax, The Artistic Eye, Classical Mythology, as well as a sequel to one of our older titles, Manage your Money Wisely. We also have the very exciting new biography of our own headmaster, Our Dear Old Nick, out for everyone to read. I can say I was quite surprised about what sort of youth he used to be.

And don't think I haven’t heard all those spooky whispers you have going on about the store being haunted! You silly things, if you want a good scare then I will do my best to provide one. I have a whole set of new horror fiction for you ghost chasers. The Straw Man, In the Mouth of the Wolf, and BLEH! should scare the daylights right out of you, although that last one lands squarely in the horror-comedy genre.

Speaking of horror, I have two very special books left to mention. While they aren’t fiction, they do contain a frightening story indeed. The Tattered Weave and The Tattered Weave Collector's Edition are available to those who are interested in studying a recounting of the Cataclysm by those that had survived here in Hope.

I hope you all enjoy these new books and- oh? What is this? I have one left? Ace of the Arcade? I don't remember ordering these... Well, there is a whole box of them... I’ll put them on the shelves while I read through one. Enjoy!

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