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Undead Phowl by Firebirb won the Kith Design Spotlight! I LOVE SPOOKY TIME AND FALL AND I COULDNT HELP MYSELF.
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New Items: July User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on July 31, 2021

Wooohooooooooo!!!! Party all day everyday!!! I'm never gonna stop - *yawn* - partyin'... zzz........

Bzuh? Whuh? Oopsie, sorry, I guess after that river party last month I'm pretty pooped out. S'okay, I know what t'do!! There's a great way to keep the party goin' even if some of us need some naps! Iiiiit's a movie sleepover party!!! That way if anyone gets too tuckered out, they can just curl up n' snooze!

Now, y'know, the most important part of any movie party is the movies!! User Rogue an' their super-bright buddy Projector Castwick are in charge of that! I been promised a whole host of movies that are totally not cursed or haunted at all! But just to make sure we're safe n' sound under the blankies, I've got Rayne an' their extra trustworthy friend Evil Byte-Buddy Bumblebunnee keepin' an eye out for any stray ghosties or ghoulies who might try t' crash the party!

Speakin' of crashin', with all those mean ol' Snarls runnin' around nearby, I got a bouncer too, since it'll be all dark outside an' inside the house too! TipsyEpsy an' their big boy bouncer King of Frequencies Crocoduet will make sure only properly Kith-bound Snarls get in! I jus' hope he can see from all the way up there... maybe I should find a giant magnifyin' glass for him. It'll be at night so it should be safe, right?

The next most important thing for a party is of course, SNACKS! Dread is comin' in sweet with their sugary friend the Circus Cookie Cinis. I've also been warned by Cremuex t' watch out for any hungry nibbles from their friend Cotton Candy Angel Bumblebunnee, who may or may not have a taste for cookie Kith.

And what'sa sleepover without some comfortin' white noise to sleep with? I've got Thunderlord Scalyx an' Mafic on rain detail! They should also be able to keep the sky-rumblies to acceptable levels, or at least only make noise at suitably tense moments in any spooky movies we watch!

Finally, to get us ready for next month, I have Cinnamonroach an' their Spectrum Scalyx showin' up early to get us all excited for the upcomin' Prism Party! Hooray!!! Now if you'll 'scuse me, I have to fly over to the Lab t' check for any free popcorn I can pick up!

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