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New Items: June User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on June 30, 2021
Oh boy oh boy oH BOY!!!!! Now that the Lucky Venture's gone, y'know what time it is? That's right! POOL PARTY TIME~!!

Well, more like lazy river time, 'cause we don't actually have a pool, we're jus' gonna go swimmin' in the river, but that's practically the same thing! I've invited a buncha new friends over to hang out n' soak! Andre insisted we have a proper lifeguard on duty, so I got the safest person I know - Dread! Who better to watch us splash around than a big buff moderator? An' we all know the saying, sun's out, guns out!

An' of course, Dread brought along three great new friends to play with us! First is Cosmic Ulusive, who, uh, might not quiiiite fit in the river. But I'm sure we can set up the sprinkler to make sure they stay good n' moist! Then hanging out over on the sun bathing towels is Lovely Licorne, takin' some well-earned time off now that spring has sprung an' Palentine's Day is long past! An' if you're not into the wetter activities you can stroll the garden with Royal Wisteria Licorne! (They smell really, really good!)

Speakin' of royalty, Moth King of Moths brought two awesome new friends as well! I think I last saw Ominous Moth-Like Lumence hangin' out (literally) in the shed I converted into a changin' room. Once the sun goes down I'm sure they'll wanna join us for the big bonfire n' marshmallow roast! Down in the water we have Jr lifeguard Loveland Blepman makin' sure everyone stays safe! I've never seen a more athletic-lookin' Blepper before!

When it's time for the roastin', Shadow Puppet Castwick an' Rogue are in charge of the fire! So if anyone wants to help 'em collect some sticks n' twigs for tonight, it would be super duper appreciated~!

Buuut, if all this outdoors stuff isn't to your likin', I think Arcade Elementhian an' IIRockyII have a Super Dash Smash tournament set up inside! Starlit Gem Cinis an' Kreszia11 even went ahead an' set up all these cool light-up decorations both inside n' outside! Everything is gonna look SOOO cool tonight!!!!

Finally, if you're feelin' hungry ,you can swim on up to Haiz's riverside bog bar! There are snacks n' sips bein' served up by Auspicious Licorne for anyone who needs some refuelin'. Those Moss Muffins look particularly refreshin'!

Everyone an' anyone is welcome to join us!! We're gonna have a great time beatin' the heat!!!

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