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New Items: Tartan!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 05, 2016
Fashionably Dated

Greetings, all my dear students! I've been so excited these last few days, getting the campus ready for your next rush of new students; this is always my favorite time of the year, you know. It always inspires me to get into all storage rooms and clean, clean, clean! In fact I managed to get so far back into the largest of our store rooms I found quite the blast from the past! You see, back in my day here at the University, the uniforms were a bit different. We had all this lovely tartan to wear! The color changed out every year as new students would join the school, but that caused us to have a rather large overstock. We changed the design before we could go back to the old colors, so now I have a whole room just full of skirts and ties from the old days. Ah, I remember seeing my wife strutting about the school in her uniform, the gleam in her eye as she chased down tardy students as hall monitor. *content sigh*

Of course I'd hate to see these go to waste, so I showed Andre down at Tailored Fashions to see what he thought, and he was quite enamored as well! Said it was just the thing he needed to pair with the new Messenger Bags he was getting ready for all the incoming students. So along with his wonderful bags, he will be offering the old design we had for the Tartan Skirt to anyone interested. And if skirts are not to your fancy then he will also have the Tartan Tie which may pique your interest. Hopefully he is able to show everyone the proper way to tie them so we don't have a bunch of Loose Tartan Tie or the ever-rebellious look of the Untied Tartan Tie on our campus. Of course, that might serve me right after all the trouble I gave my Headmaster in my youth… Ahem! That’s a story for another day.

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