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Inside the Everstorm by 1412 won the Writing Spotlight!
There was a sudden lack of noise as what could only be described as the opposite of thunder rolled through the tatters.
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New Premium Items: Lucky Venture Spy!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 05, 2021
Thanks for agreeing to meet with me, Kiddos, I know everything's real busy with this 'Event' going on. Now, I know y'all are smart, you gotta already feel something's off with this here Lucky Venture, right? Ain't it all just a little too convenient that we've never seen hide nor hair of these folks before but they've supposedly been all over the Tatters? And they show up now that we know how to fully explore out there and defend ourselves from Snarls? Something stinks, and I don't mean that leftover takeout Jr stashed away somewhere in the walls.

I can't go investigate myself; the bright lights and glitter of the casino kills my eyes. That's where you kiddos come in. You gotta go undercover and sleuth out what these con artists really want.

Of course I'm not expecting you to go out there unprepared! I've rounded up some old bits and bobs to suit the best role for the job. You'll probably want to start with the Classic Detective's Office and get your clues in order. It's a good base of operations to retreat to should you find yourself in any hot water. I find the Brown Noir Film Grain can really help you get into the role too. They're a powerful combination.

Once you've got the nerve up, I suggest you dress to blend in. The Brown Detective's Hat, Classic Suspended Trousers, and Classic Detective's Shirt are a good look - one might even say classic. Keep your voice down, nose clean, but follow those leads.

Inevitably you're gonna end up at the Classic Suspicious Bar. That's where you'll find people who'll be willing to sing. Just watch yourself- the House always keeps an eye on those hanging at the bar. You'll wanna take something along to hide any evidence you find. I'd suggest the Classic Brief Overcoat... the watch probably does something snazzy but I couldn't tell you what. I never formally played the role of The Detective.

And look, I'll be blunt. Luc and Angelique don't feel like killers, but I don't trust that Crocoduet Treble as far as I can throw him. If anyone is running things on that dingy, it's him...

So make sure you're prepared to protect yourself in case things go south. Ironically your best bet might just be the Classic Suspicious Target.

Though I don't have the legal rights authority to hand these out, officially, I've got a quiet deal going with the Headmaster thanks to his wife's red pen. That Estella's real good at underlining any and all financial questions, and I'm just grateful she's auditing the steamboat instead of any back alleys. You can pick up the Pick A Part: Lucky Venture Spy Badge for 300 Gems or snag the Lucky Venture Spy Badge Bundle at the unbelievable price of 1500 Gems. I know an Admin or two that'd have my hide for letting some of these items go so cheap, so let's keep this between us. I jus' wish I could do more to help-


Ahem, I was saying: I wish there was some way I could-


Damn it Club, I told you- No matter what they look like, those dice ain't made of Gems! You can't eat them! You ain't a Nibblug! I've lost count of how many times I've found you choking on them already! C'mere-!

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