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Code Update & Referral Rewards!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 04, 2021
Good morning, everyone! I hope you're all enjoying your time aboard the Lucky Venture, which we've been referring to as a "mini Remnant" while working on it for the past few months. I have a lot of updates for you on the event itself listed below, so please read through if you're interested in what's changed since launch yesterday.

In more exciting news, today begins another exciting month-long promotion: 2X Referral Rewards!

For the entire month of May, we're offering twice the rewards for any referrals, new or old. Starting right now, new referrals will earn you 2 Gems per referral instead of the usual 1, and any referred users who purchase Gems during this promotion will grant a whopping 10% free bonus Gems to the referrer, instead of the usual 5%!

This promotion is also the launch of a new reoccurring email campaign, the Tattered World Newsletter! Learn about recent updates, NPC tidbits, and upcoming sneak peeks with some in-character writing and funny image edits. New users can opt in while registering their account, and existing users can opt in by checking the box on their Settings page.

As for the code itself, well, I find this exciting news - we've updated the site with some optimizations that should make both Quests and Shops faster! Previously, shops would restock in order of NPC ID number, but now we have all shops restocking in about the same amount of time, under 20 seconds across the board! This is a huge improvement overall, as some later shops were taking over 60 seconds to restock, though it does technically make the lower-ID shops "slower" than before. Many thanks to the users who brought the increasing slowdown to our attention, and extra thanks to our programming friend at LightSky for finding this innovative solution!

Now onto the event changes from yesterday. The Event Levels have been adjusted to show the new corrected checkpoint values. The Lucky Venture tab will not have a checkpoint level to display, as their next round of Quests will only become available when all three of the other Remnant tabs have reached a checkpoint. Those three checkpoint values have also been corrected to 2,500 instead of 10,000 - looks like we had a little calculation error during uploading there, sorry!

Speaking of math, the requirements for the "You gambled on..." Achievements have been clarified on the Achievements page to show that each user must complete 25 Event Quests for that particular Remnant to unlock its Achievement. You must complete the Event Quests on that Remnant's tab for the points to count toward the Achievement.

After hearing the strong support of users in the Suggestions Forum, we've listened to your feedback and will adjust the plans for our Crocoduet Charm and Roustique Charm so that these Charms can be used all year long. However, they are still only available for purchase (or for collecting with the Soulmate Achievement!) during the May Event while the Lucky Venture is in port!

Finally, some premium items have been added to the Headmaster's Office for all of you Lucky Venture fans. You can now purchase a Letter of Trade for Angelique or Luc if you want to send them a private Trade! And if you're longing to stay aboard even after they say au revoir, all three of the Lucky Venture backgrounds are available for sale within the Pick A Part: NPC Shop Banner item.

We really, truly appreciate all your feedback and positive suggestions on how to improve the site for everyone! As usual, if you notice any problems, please report them in the Technical Support Forum so we can work on getting them fixed.

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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