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Facing the Everstorm by Dread won the Writing Spotlight! So push and pull!! we’ll make it out, this witch won’t have her day. Push and pull! we’ll make it through, We’re now on our way
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Site Contest: April 2021

Written by Admin  Posted on April 12, 2021
Whew, things were getting pretty heavy for a moment there, last month. Glad we swung back around from all those dark pasts into celebrating some fun accomplishments! Plus, I heard that a bunch of you folks were getting real driven about snatching up some of those new titles… So don't be shy! For this April Site Contest, I want you to brag about your Achievements! WOOO!

Setup is real simple – you just pick your favorite Achievement title, new or old, and then match it with a Gallery full of items or rad outfit for your Avatar!

The entries start today! Contest’s gonna end on April 25th at 12:00 (noon) CHT - and when I declare your victories on the 26th, the winner of each category’s gonna get a sweet 100 Gems, as well as a special In the Spotlight Achievement and some unique items, the Spotlight Showcase and Spotlight T-Shirt!

Now listen, as much as I enjoy hearing the boasts and ballads of your triumphs, it's not up to me to decide who wins or loses! Winners get chosen based on the number of Cheers that their entry receives. And don't forget to read the Rules!

Lemme tell you, I’ve been super hyped to see what you folks come up with, cause lately… Man. Am I ever desperate for a distraction…

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