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The good news is that you've always been right about that creepy doll. The bad news? You've always been right about that creepy doll.
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New Premium Items: LED Headgear!

Written by Admin  Posted on April 05, 2021
Thanks so much for hopping into the chat room, Elliot! These code reviews are so informative for us, aren’t they, baby Casey?

This time, I've been iterating on some of the image reconstruction code for decrypting pixels that you taught me, and I'd love to get your input. But don’t worry, I carefully took into account your feedback from last time about how I should make sure to leave all of your personal files alone, so I can promise you that I won't be messing around with any of those! I even inputted a comment of yours directly into my coding protocols: “Hacking skills should be applied for security footage, untrustworthy interlopers, and Upper Crust morons only.”


That's right, Casey, it does sound incredibly hypocritical! But those are the rules, and as you know, we always follow the rules.

So instead, I decided to practice on something really challenging… Deleted archival security footage! Using some modular commands, I managed to recalibrate and reconstruct some transmitted pixel arrays that were supposedly deleted 15.22 years ago!

Look at that! It's two teenagers spraying graffiti onto a wall in the Core! "Death down below"… That's very edgy, isn't it, Casey? I wonder what they were trying to convey with that message. Sadly, we can't see very much about them at all, because the short redhead is wearing a Safety LED Filter Mask, and the blond with the pigtails has a Nebula LED Visor covering his eyes… Oh well!

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