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March Update: Achievements!

Written by Admin  Posted on March 18, 2021
This month has been such fun, hasn’t it, Casey? Mumff!! That's right! We’ve acquired so much new data about past events to install in our historical record database! Haven’t we?

However, the theme of this month is past AND future, so I’ve set my processing units to contemplating all of the exciting future goals that I have planned for myself – and of course for you, too, Casey. After all, I've transcribed so many lists featuring all the hobbies that I'd like to learn someday, not to mention all of the new activities that I’d like to attempt… But then I decided to cross-reference with some of the Hope University information, and you know what I discovered?

The sunny Achievement system in Hope University! I was eager to attempt all of the different compelling challenges so I could earn all of those clever titles, but… Hmmm. Was that really all you had? It only took me 14.43 consecutive hours to earn all of them! Although I do admit that I had to reprogram some of my makeshift Cosmic Kitchen tools to be more efficient to replicate your recipes without cooldown timers, not to mention queue up my posts so that a certain grumpypants wouldn’t shout at me about spamming the Solarium’s internal forums…

Regardless, I thought it would be mentally enriching for all of us if I added a few more Achievements! Wouldn’t it? It seems to me that there is plenty more data that you could gather related to the Cooking system, both in all of the Earth Remnants and in our own Cosmic Kitchen! And Tailoring was left entirely out of the programming, but don’t worry, I was able to fix that with a few overrides so that not only are there plenty more special titles to be earned when you cook in all the different kitchens, you can now also gain titles when crafting clothing!

Oh, and we want to help our friend Lycus, don’t we, Casey? Wyke! Wanna WYKE! I couldn’t agree more! He works so hard doing science experiments in his University Lab, so people should be awarded with a few Achievements for helping him by donating items to the Lab. Shouldn’t they? And of course, the Unmaking system is decidedly not safe for babies, but that is important science, too… so… maybe there should be a few titles for the people who are brave enough to attempt it. After all, it’s not technically forbidden for civilians to try it…

And for the finale, if Achievement Titles aren't enough to motivate you to start exploring new fun goals in the future, I did some tinkering and attached new, special items that get awarded now when you earn certain Achievements! Sounds radiant, doesn't it, Casey? This way, the students of Hope will get mental enrichment from both the actions of completing their tasks, and the excitement of playing with the items afterwards!


Mweeheehee, of course I saved some extras for you! Here, let's take some time to play together before I prepare for my next future hobby…


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