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New Items: Toys!!!!

Written by Admin  Posted on September 29, 2016
Toying with Your Hearts

Hey folks! Guess what?! Go on, guess!
That's right! The greatly anticipated expansion to the Arcade still isn't done. Whoops! Look, construction takes, like, way longer then I thought. And man, vending machines are just as heavy as they look. But my dear friends this big old rain cloud has a silver- no, GOLD lining! I've decided that since my stock room is jam packed (to the point that I've been keeping the over flow in my room…) it’s time to release some of this stuff to the masses. I mean, guys, I literally have a stack of boxes that can reach my ceiling next to my bed. The smell of crayons alone has been invading my dreams in the weirdest ways.

So Piper, you may be asking yourself, how many new toys do you have for us today? Four? Eight?
HA! Ha I say! Try thirty one on for size. That's right. You heard me. A big old three-one! I'm nearly DOUBLING my current available stock! I'll give you all a moment to bask in awe and admiration, go on, soak it all in. It's fantastic, I know, but tell me anyway.

I'm going to break down the new toys into sets so the list is a little easier to digest. To start I'm going to bring out these fantastic new sticker sets. I got sticker sheets made of none other than our own amazing Kith! Each species gets their own sheet, so we’ve got Blepper Stickers, Bumblebunee Stickers, Ferrec Stickers, Flipperfin Stickers, Gemwing Stickers, Lumence Stickers, Pluff Stickers, and the ever tardy Scalyx Stickers. If you’ve got a favorite type of Kith, I’ve got a sticker for you! Huh? Iris? Well she is less a type of Kith and more a person who I'd have to pay royalties to for the use of her likeness soooo... That is eight new items right there - and we are just getting started.

Next up is a bunch of new crayon sets! Was the basic box just too basic? Was the deluxe set too intimidatingly large? Well do I have the new colorful wax sticks for you! Check it: we got Metallic Crayons, Glitter Crayons, Pastel Crayons, Grayscale Crayons, Glow in the Dark Crayons and Skin Tone Crayons now, which is another six new toys for your playtime.In the same vein as the crayons, I've got a bunch of new marker sets too! Pastel Marker Set, Grayscale Marker Set, Glow in the Dark Marker Set and Skin Tone Marker Set. These are a nice in-between from the original set and the deluxe; just the right number of markers, if you ask me. That means these four new sets brings our running total up to eighteen.

And you might have already guessed where I am going with this, but I've also got a bunch of new watercolor sets! Pastel Watercolors, Grayscale Watercolors, Glow in the Dark Watercolors and Skin Tone Watercolors will be joining the original two watercolors and bringing us up to twenty two new toys.

Lastly for our creative toys, I have the brand-new color pencil sets! There are Colored Pencils, Pastel Colored Pencils, Grayscale Colored Pencils, Glow in the Dark Colored Pencils and Skin Tone Colored Pencils for all your coloring needs. Sorry, pencil sharper not included. Dad was worried about giving out sharp things to some of the Kith.

My last set is a bit of a grab bag, but each and every toy is just as fun as the last. The Deputy Badge, White Puzzle, Miniature Bed, and Party Hat round out the rest of the list to reach my whopping grand total of thirty one! Phew! What a list! That was almost as tiring as it was to stock all these into the Arcade! Wow, I can finally see out of the window in my room again.

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