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March Update: History Quests

Written by Admin  Posted on March 12, 2021
All right, tadpoles. I've talked it over with the Princess, so I’ll cut straight to the point.

I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that maybe, as I’ve been asking you all to relive the past, that it might be time for us here in the Forest to finally get ready to talk more about our own past. Not speculations about Merlin and the Wizards Three, or questions about the time before the Withering… I’m referring to something closer to home.

Everything that happened to us during the Illuminary Gala.

I think all of us knew that we’d need to figure out how to explain it to those who were lucky enough not to be there - not to mention a way to talk it over with the folks who experienced it all firsthand. But… truthfully, it’s been hard to know where to start. Isn’t that always the way when you’re talking about the bad times? Still, it shaped so much of what’s happened to us since that… Well, I think it's time.

So this month, I’ve decided to start telling that story.

And before I forget, Lenta also wanted that Lycus lad to make public all the details of how he first discovered the Cosmic Solarium. It sounds like he had to do some reviews of his work recently anyway for some Committee or something, so he agreed. Besides, Lenta seemed to feel that it would have some bearing on their current magical research, although damned if I know why…

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