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Solarium Pirate by Sheap won the Avatar Spotlight! Ahooy, I'm here to take all your cryptocurrency, your music is not worthy, even for pirating it.
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Code Update: 2/22/21

Written by Admin  Posted on February 22, 2021
TADAH! Today's code update brings a fresh look to the site design. On the desktop version of the site, our logo has been changed to show off more of the beautiful art in our header, while the background has shifted from green to purple to better suit the purple daytime theme. At the bottom of the page, our footer now displays a list of users online - this number may not match the Users Online list since some users have set their accounts to be hidden from the Users Online list. We still have a dark theme in the works, but it's a low-priority update that will come sometime later this year. We have some very exciting feature updates being worked on in the meantime that you'll see soon...

We've also fixed a few little bugs here and there across the site. The Save Outfit button no longer hoards all copies of an item into your Locker, and the Mark All As Read button on the Notifications page should work from any page number now.

As always, if you notice any problems, please report them in the Technical Support Forum so we can get things fixed ASAP!

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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