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New Premium Items: Cirrilus' Set!

Written by Admin  Posted on February 05, 2021
Ohoho, happy soon-to-be Palentine’s!

Are you all excited to celebrate the loveliest of holidays with the Golden Colosseum for the first time? Why, I’m so curious to see what fashions they’ll be showcasing as part of their holiday collaboration! I haven’t been able to take a swim to that Remnant myself, unfortunately… Tethys had some convoluted scheme about trying to put together a girls’ day visit for the two of us, but unsurprisingly, it didn’t end up happening. Shay wouldn't lend her any of his Whimperials to get us through the Tatters, no matter how much she wailed and sobbed about injustice and cruelty. Poor Tethys… it's so typical of her to forgo backup plans in favor of passionate speeches. But I was touched that she thought to include me in her Plan A!

Instead, putting together my own Plan B, I thought maybe I could bring a little bit of that cloud-covered mountain to the Coral Reef… with some new designs! After all, they have such beautiful color palettes over there, and it seemed like a treat to get to use them myself. One thing that has always struck me while admiring the Colosseum fashions you've all been showing off when you swim by is how many of their color schemes mimic their changing sky throughout the seasons… Whereas here in the Reef, the Everstorm was raging for such a long time that even now, seeing the clear sky at all feels like a novelty. Both our Remnants are very used to clouds!

Marcus was kind enough to help me set up a scrying spell to the Colosseum’s tailor, but a little boy eagerly picked up the call instead. It... was probably a good thing that Tethys was still sulking and hadn't joined us. For one so young, he had much to say! When I brought up my interest in the intersection of fashion and weather, telling the tale of our Everstorm's defeat with tailoring, Kosmas brought out some beautiful pottery to share the tale of Cirrilus with me. The depictions were so inspiring! With Kosmas' eager blessing, I decided to recreate Cirrilus' looks and... well, it's silly, but I also decided to infuse some of the designs using a smidge of Shimmertail magic. Just a touch! I never learned enough to do anything significant with it, let alone dangerous. But when I was very young, I briefly considered joining their ranks, back before some… personal circumstances made dealing directly with the Everstorm feel too painful.

I channeled my energy into tailoring instead, and it’s been so meaningful - that’s not a choice I regret one bit! Even so, it was a fun challenge to try to make Daybreak Cirrilus' Blouse and the matching Daylight Cirrilus' Skirt… Oooh, they make the water feel chillier just looking at them.

Speaking of fierce cold, I remember how the terrifying storm winds used to catch my hair whenever I surfaced above water… They’d toss it and tangle it and coat it with mist until I practically had my hair in waves of tangles like Nightfall Cirrilus' Cascading Hair or, worse, Autumn Sky Cirrilus' Puffy Hair!

That memory gave me pause, so that was where I was going to leave things myself, but then Marcus stopped by to see how my work was going and I… I wanted the Pirates to feel included! So I’ve added some of Winter Sky Cirrilus' Slippers to the set, in case those of you with feet have Palentine’s plans that make you feel as… as though you're walking on air…

Ah! Oh! What was I-? Ohohoho!! D-Don't mind me, I'm just - Palentine's Day has filled my head with air, more like! The designs are done, and I'm rather fond of how the Cirrilus' Set Badge Bundle and Pick A Part: Cirrilus' Set Badge came out, especially with that splash of Shimmerscale magic to shape them so well. Instead of tailoring a pattern, I'll be making these myself and putting them up for sale in Nicholas' Headmaster's Office so people from any Remnant can put in an order!

What do you think? Ooh, I hope you all find them charming… And that you have fun visiting the Golden Colosseum next week. Take a splash in all of their rivers for me!

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