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New Items: January Recolors!

Written by Admin  Posted on January 31, 2021
Brrrrr! It's still so chilly! I can't wait to curl up into a nice hot cup of coffee and get all this gross ice and snow off me! There's just something about that bean juice that really makes my fur smell super nice too. I'll have to thank Stopboorider for dropping off all these extra cups from his coffee shop!

Oh, speaking of Boo, that wasn't all he dropped off! That's right, this month's recolors are all sponsored by Ferrec Koffee! Thanks to Boo (and companions) hard work, I've made some patterns to craft his Winter Frosted Tips Beanie, Winter Cozy Long Skirt, and Winter Cozy Cafe Sweater! You'll be able to buy that over at Andre's Tailored Fashions shop and keep the cozy feeling going long after the Boothday event! What's good that? You already got those for free? Well if there are patterns for items that means we can also release recolors!

The winter color will be the base without any dyes needed, but now you can craft all three items in Spring, Summer, and Autumn as well! And it doesn't stop there! On the same pattern you'll be able to tailor up a more plain version in the colors Chocolate, Edgy, Frozen, Lustrous, Monochrome, Pearl, Rose Bush, Rose Gold, Sweetheart, and Wine!

You might also notice I don't have any Custom User Submissions to stock into Shady's shop today- that isn't because we didn't get any, but I was specifically asked to hold some over until Palentine's Day!
That's right, I'm going to be doing a super special release on February 14th of Custom User Submissions! So if you want to dedicate an item to a special someone (be they NPC or USER or even KITH) then now is a great time to submit them! I'll also be doing special shout outs in the release upon request if anyone wants to sneak in any special loving message with their submission!

Until then everyone, I've got a cup of cappuccino to soak in! Byeee~!

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