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Code Update: 12/8/20

Written by Admin  Posted on December 08, 2020
Hello again, everyone! It's time for another code update, and this one's a doozy. We've changed a lot of code on the Forums, building some foundational updates that will help us continue improving in the future.

For starters, you can now Cheer ANY post on the Forums! Give some love to your favorite replies with this shiny new Cheers button all over the Forums!

Next, we've added a Follow feature for users who prefer to avoid all the frequent Forum notifications. You can click the Follow button on any topic or category to have any posts show up in your Followed Activity page, which is a new link on the Recent Activity page. This is currently limited to 10 pages of activity (that's 100 posts!) but we have plans to expand that number in the future as the Forum gets more active.

Speaking of the Recent Activity page, we've combined the Forum Topics and Forum Replies links into one single Recent Activity page link. No more hopping back and forth to see what's new!

Finally, we've added a long-requested feature to the Forums: polls! You can now create a poll that has between 2 and 10 options for people to choose as an answer or reply to your poll's question. There are a few optional durations you can set for each poll, or you can leave it open-ended forever (or until you decide to retire the poll manually). The neat thing about these polls is that they are inserted with BBCode, so you can actually attach them anywhere BBCode is accepted on site! That means you can stick them in your Profile, on any of your Kiths' Profiles, in Messages, etc. You can reach the new My Polls page from the Community > Forum > My Polls navigation bar.

We've also updated a few bits and pieces of underlying code that you likely won't see as a user, to improve our moderators' admin functionality on the Forums and Achievements. I'm mentioning it here just in case a bug may have slipped through - if you notice a problem on the site, please let us know in the Technical Support Forum so we can get it fixed ASAP!

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

Edit: I almost forgot to add that Tutorials will be receiving an update soon, so you may notice some oddness or blank Tutorial buttons over the next two weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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