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November Update: New Game!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 19, 2020
Is my Scrying Spell connecting right to this Solarium technology...? Phew, okay- I mean, of course it is!

Ahem! I greet you, O Caretaker Droid of Automated Nursery XEN, designation Xenia! May the wisdom of Winter grace and guide you always.

I am Kosmas, Mystic of Winter, calling from the Golden Colosseum. You know, the one who's been gathering information from across the Remnants? So far, I haven't been getting nearly as many answers as I need! Sure, I received these new volumes about the Golden Age, but now I have even more questions than before! Some of the references seemed familiar, but so much of it is different from the stories that I know...

When I found out how close this station was to the Golden Age itself - not to mention the fact that the forums of Hope keep claiming that they've encountered an actual Lost God, which would make them all primary sources - I thought for SURE that I'd have some actual answers by now!! But it's been exactly 209 days since I've started investigating, and progress has been SO SLOW! There's still so much that nobody has been able to tell me!

For example, I've combed through all the records that I can get my hands on, and they contain absolutely no mention of any Gods aboard your station... but some deity must have saved your ship from extinction! No Remnant has ever survived Autumn's destruction by chance alone. And surely the fact that all of you metal "robot" statues were able to come alive must be a sign of a divine blessing?

Plus, don't even get me STARTED on your records about the stars - I can't make heads or tails of this information!

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