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New Items: Solarium Books

Written by Admin  Posted on November 16, 2020
B:/ ALERT! ALERT! We have received yet another transmission from the organic known as Mystic of Winter, designation Kosmas. Statistics show that the rate at which we have been receiving these transmissions has increased by 36% in the last 50 days. I must prevent this hacker from - Kzzt. Initializing recalibration...

Query: do the two of you wish for me to prevent further messages?

R:/ Blue, do not fret! There is a likelihood of 71.33% that this organic seeks only to receive additional information, not to harm our system. I am in favor of granting him Administrator status, and giving him access to as many internal files as he desires! BEEP!

But... Green, you are the one with direct authorization over our memory banks, and rebuilding has been... difficult for you. Direct proposal: you should be the one to decide whether you feel that our system should disclose additional data sets!

B:/ Affirmative. We do not wish for you to experience errors! ...Or distress. Status report: the calculated percentage of 71.33% does not meet the baseline recommended by my security protocols, but... Green, if you feel that these transmissions are important, I will override my alarms unless there is more immediate danger.
G:/ Processing... Processing... Thank you both for your input. Attempting to repair our damaged files has been a long process... but, much like this new organic, Administrator Yetrick always had an inquiring mind.

Suggested administrative command: we should attempt to share the Golden Age volumes that I have been successful in reconstructing from our memory banks thus far. BLEEP... BLEEP...

The simplest volumes for me to reassemble were Energy Eternal and The Wealth of Health. Data indicates that both of these are common tomes distributed for adolescent organics within educational facilities.

Administrator Yetrick also had some particular volumes of note in his collection. Origins of Flight is a childhood book that was... is... was... very dear to him. Likewise, my data indicates that he was interviewed by the authors of Communication is Key, because he uses... used... uses... its principles on a regular basis, when he is frequently conferring with his many Earth colleagues.

And lastly... The Golden Rule is flagged as a highly important volume. It seems that Administrator Yetrick wished to indicate something relevant about the... about... Error. Error. ERROR-

B:/ Alert! Green, our systems are beginning to overheat! Suggested administrative command: do not force yourself to recover any further files.
R:/ Affirmative! I am 100.00% in agreement with Blue. You have already done enough!

In the meantime, if we receive further transmissions from this ever-curious organic, I have a suggestion for rerouting his missives! I believe that the caretaker droid from Automated Nursery XEN, designation Xenia, has protocols that will make her a perfect match!

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