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New Items: Glasses!

Written by Admin  Posted on September 22, 2016
Near and Far(sighted)

I’ve heard a request for glasses, and I admit that even I have trouble threading the smallest of needles. I’ll let you in on my little cheat for this: I keep a Monocle in my sewing desk at Tailored Fashions. Handy, right? A little magnification can go a long way sometimes. Of course, some people need vision correction all the time and most people would like to be able to see out of both eyes at once, so I've been designing fashionable new glasses for everyone to enjoy; prescription lenses optional.

Here I have a collection of plastic frames, each in fourteen of the usual colors. To start we have the understated but classic Refined Glasses. From there we have the much rounder Oval Glasses which have a nice strong, thick band for those of you with more rowdy Kith. If you want something even bigger and more outlandish I have the Cat Eye Glasses - in hindsight, maybe I should have called them Ferrec Eye Glasses… oh well the tags are already made. Last up for the plastic frames is the retro-classic Hipster Frames. They were quite popular back in the day, or so Miranda tells me from all her reading.

Over here I also have a smaller collection of hard wire frames for those that want a more subtle look. They come in only one color, but the Narrow Wireframes, Large Wireframes, and Round Wireframes are all quite sturdy despite how thin they are. One warning: tiny claws can still scuff the lenses either way, so you may want to watch out if you have Kith prone to greeting you face-first.

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