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Code Update: 10/13/20

Written by Admin  Posted on October 13, 2020
Ooh, everyone's looking so spooky already! I'm here to join in the Halloweave fun by bringing you the scariest update of them all: bugs! Ooogaboogabooga! Well, they're scary to me, anyway. So I fixed 'em!

In the spirit of spookiness, our major feature update this month is a new Setting: Blocked Items. I understand that not everyone enjoys the creepy, the gory, the scary, or the niche fear that they really don't want to bring up - so we've added this feature to hide any specific site items from view. What this does is simply adds a blurred overlay on top of the item, and if it's a clothing item it also adds the blurred overlay on top of any avatars wearing that item. Please keep in mind that this is a huge change across the site, so there may be some bugs despite our best attempts to test the code over the past few weeks. You can report any issues in the Technical Support Forum and we'll try to get them fixed as soon as possible!

The User Shops page has been updated to fix a few bits of broken buttons. You can once again Wishlist and Preview items regardless of how many Shards/Gems you have, and the page refreshes should be back to normal.

Outfit names are now limited to 20 characters, and will cut off after that amount. This is not retroactive, so if you have any Outfits already saved with a longer name they should remain the same until you re-save over them.

Changing to a different page number after loading an Outfit in your Dressing Room will no longer reset the Outfit.

Though we were unable to pinpoint the exact cause of the error messages that rarely appear on Quest pop-ups, we've added some text to the error messages that tell the user to refresh the page, since that should clear up the problem.

Please note that it may take up to an hour for these changes to appear on your account. As always, if you notice any bugs or issues, please report them in the Technical Support Forum so we can work on getting those fixed as soon as possible. Thank you all again for making Tattered World the best it can be!

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