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Home Sweet Hope by Hyperion won the Gallery Spotlight! I can't wait to get to know everyone in the new Remnant, and I hope my gallery shows even a small part of what makes Hope such a wonderful place.
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New Items: Unwilting Leaves!

Written by Admin  Posted on September 10, 2020
Hey folks! Heard you've hit a pretty big milestone... Six whole months since you first made it to our Remnant?! WOOOO!! That's worthy of a real celebration! I'm gonna trot on over to the Golden Kitchen to grab a bunch of celebratory roasts, some tankards of pomegranate juice, maybe roll over a whole barrel of wine - we can invite all our buddies! Leave it to me - this'll be a night that you'll either never forget or never remember!

'Course, if you're not the type to party 'til the sun comes up... and goes down... and comes back up again... Don't worry about a thing! Got you all covered, too! If a low-key evening is what swings your sword, just whisper the name of your favorite festive snack, and I'll make sure it gets delivered to whatever calm corner you're chilling in. No fuss, no hassle, no need to even leave your room - and hey, the long-distance drinks are on me!

Getting to our Remnant is a big deal - those Snarls you've been battling are no joke! So however you wanna celebrate, I think you've all earned yourselves some Ambrosia Unwilting Laurels - or hey, maybe even some Gold Unwilting Laurels!

Don't know who it was that first decided that we should wear leaves during parties... But hey, I just go with the flow. And sometimes they're real useful! Like the other day, my wife sent me a statue of herself, showing off her new Ambrosia Unwilting Chestnut Leaves… And she wanted me to send her a statue in return, so that she could admire the Ambrosia Unwilting Fig Leaf that I got to match hers... Yep, I gotta say, whoever made this leafy clothing decision deserves a set of laurels of their own!

Y'know, that reminds me... Really gotta get around to telling you all the tale of how me and Hypatia first met! In fact, I betcha there's a whole slew of stories and Secrets that folks have been wanting to get off of their chests. Whaddya say if later this month, each of us starts to reveal our Golden Colosseum Secrets to you? That sounds like a fun time to me!

In the meantime, Quintina will be stocking these new patterns for all you champs, so go bedeck yourselves and have some fun! And remember, don't do anything I wouldn't do!!

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