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Moth Kingdom Memorial Hoard by Moth King of Moths won the Gallery Spotlight! Precious things are not always worth their weight in gold. Sometimes all that glitters are the tears of a long lost memory. Not of sorrow, but of the strength of the mark they left behind.
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Site Contest: September 2020

Written by Admin  Posted on September 07, 2020
As those of us who live in the Shadow Stage begin to change our scenery in order to perform the plays that are conducted only during the autumn, I hope that you all shall join me in embarking upon a different manner of tradition. It is my honor to play the role of Host for this year's September Site Contest, with the theme of The Haunting Season.

I've heard whispers that many of you in Hope celebrate this time of year with costume changes as well, either due to shifts in your unscheduled weather, or due to your upcoming celebration of 'Halloweave' next month. For this year's holiday, I am told that the Gamer was seeking additional companions, and that the Scribe has been cast to spearhead the chilling festivities... although I am told that premade costumes shall be available for sale as usual, in a Hope shop run by the Seeba.

When it comes to the creation of such longed-for attire, the task becomes more daunting each year, and so I have volunteered my needle and thread to assist. If the mournful muse of inspiration is murmuring in your ears as well, you may wish to enter the Clothing Design Contest, and create costumes that befit this time of year.

If you should happen to find yourself busier than usual, those who long for a peaceful respite are welcome to join me in the graveyard, where we can pay our respects to the ghosts; if you so desire, you may also arrange various props and items that are meaningful to you into a memorial Gallery Contest. Your entries may celebrate any person, occurrence, or location that has left you with lingering thoughts and heartfelt emotions, whether those feelings are poetically complex, or whether you are simply passionate about the haunt.

The entries begin at this very moment, and the contest shall end on September 20th at the stroke of 12:00 (noon) CHT. The winner of each category shall be announced the day after with their reward of 100 Gems, as well as a special In the Spotlight Achievement and some unique items, the Spotlight Showcase and Spotlight T-Shirt. Additionally, the winner of the Clothing Design Contest shall be invited to submit their winning entry to the Backstage Broker, free of charge.

Winners are chosen based on the number of Cheers that their entry receives. Furthermore, one must never neglect to read the Rules, lest an unexpected plot twist unravel all that you have sought to achieve...

I wish you all good fortune - and I can only hope that this season's autumnal plays shall feature fewer fateful demises than they once did in the past.

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