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Jay's Hourly Quests

Written by Admin  Posted on September 20, 2016
Work hard, play hard.

Today I bring you Jay’s Hourly Quests! Get to know our sweet but strict manager of the General Store, who’s really desperate for help with all the hungry, destructive Kith running around. Her Quests took quite a bit of reworking due to the Cooking updates, but that just means you now have a chance to improve your Tools and Recipes if you offer Jay a helping hand! Remember that it may take an hour or two for the new Quests to show up on your account.

I’ve also added a few more Lycus Hourly Quests to help balance out all those pans he keeps asking for. Hopefully this makes him a little bit easier to work with!

Lastly, I fixed a mistake with the Iris Hourly Quests. I, er, forgot to turn on the Kith Attribute rewards. Those should be working now! As some of you pointed out, Color Theory was showing up too frequently, so we’ve temporarily disabled the Quest until Open Beta. Stock up on those basic colors to collect your bonus colors when it comes back! We’re brainstorming ideas for how to fix the issue, but it may take some time before we find a good long-term solution.

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