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I Caught a High Score THIS Big by Taiga won the Game Spotlight! You like this new game... Trash Grab is it? Oh yeah, it's fun especially once you hit the bonus round, that's where it really kicks it up a notch, not to mention all that fanse--- huh? Wait... you HAVEN'T hit the bonus round?
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New Items: July User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on July 31, 2020
Hey there, Kiddos, mind yer heads - I got an open construction zone going right now and the last thing I need is another visit from the admins to check on how things are going. Unless that admin is stopboorider; he's supposed to be showing up with some coffee for me and... ah, wait, there he is now! All right Boo, lay that sweet caffeine on me, I've been up all night working on...

That's a ferrec. That's a Hazelnut Latte Ferrec. Y'know, I really shouldn't be surprised given who I'm talking to, but...

Welp. Another set of helping paws won't go to waste, that's for sure. Strap into a hard hat, lil' guy, and look around for nails to drive in. Oh, and if'n you see two hard hats hopping around on their own, don't worry about that. It's just Jr and Club working - turns out one-size fits all does not, in fact, fit all.

Might as well get to the user submissions now, since my coffee break has been cut short. Let's see, where'd my list go... ah! Just brush off this sawdust and....

Jade Eyes Selection - ( Jade Diva Thespian Eyes )

Forest Rose Thorny Rose Boots
Forest Rose Thorny Rose Bracers
Forest Rose Thorny Rose Shorts
Forest Rose Thorny Rose Top
Forest Rose Thorny Rose Collar

A small but quality list, and honestly with the renovations it's probably for the best. As you might have noticed, Club is a little indisposed this month, so no recolors. But with August coming up, we have some great new things to unveil for our customers along with a certain... paintastic party.

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