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Moth Kingdom Memorial Hoard by Moth King of Moths won the Gallery Spotlight! Precious things are not always worth their weight in gold. Sometimes all that glitters are the tears of a long lost memory. Not of sorrow, but of the strength of the mark they left behind.
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Code Update: 7/27/20

Written by Admin  Posted on July 27, 2020
Last week's update had some bugs, so here are a bunch of attempted bug fixes! These were particularly nasty bugs to squash, so please let us know in the Technical Support Forum if you find that we've missed any (or inadvertently caused some more to spawn). Edit: If you hit a 'page not found' error, please use the back button and then logout, clear your cache, and login again - that should fix it!

The Arena should remember your most recent battle Kith again. This has actually been expanded so that when we add more Arenas in the future, each Arena will remember your most recent battle Kith, to make it even easier to keep your Kith matched up against the right opponents!

We've fixed the enemy "ghosts" that were attacking after being destroyed. This bug was caused by the new effect code, because effects are calculated at the end of a turn, so enemies that were still alive before effects were calculated could get that one last parting shot in. No longer!

The Try Again button should be working again. During testing on our alpha site this caused the enemies to hog all the turns for themselves, but that should not be the case anymore. If you notice turn order weirdness after using the Try Again button, please let us know in the Technical Support Forum.

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered World the best it can be!

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