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Inside the Everstorm by 1412 won the Writing Spotlight!
There was a sudden lack of noise as what could only be described as the opposite of thunder rolled through the tatters.
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Code Update: 7/13/20

Written by Admin  Posted on July 13, 2020
Another small code update is here today!

For one thing, we've added a forced validation to Forum posts so that improper tags will no longer break the page layout, even if the formatting within the post is still broken. If you notice your post has some weird formatting, click the Edit button and look for an issue with the BBCode tags! The most common cause for this is if you stick two tags inside each other, such as by quoting a user and then selecting half of the quote and your reply to go into a spoiler tag. Any layout tags like quote, spoiler, image, and alignment tags need to be closed before you insert another layout tag!

We've also added a new Quest requirement that is more simple than the current "win a battle" requirement, and only asks that you start a battle. We'll be replacing some of the existing Hourly Quest requirements with this easier task over the next 24 hours.

And finally, the Foreign Alliance has been updated with a new price of 500 Gems. Previously, the Foreign Alliance could be exploited to gain infinite Kith slots, but now that we've solved that potential concern we can lower the price to match that of a Kith Nest, which seems more fair.

As always, please report any bugs in the Technical Support Forum so we can take a look and get them fixed for you as quickly as possible.

Thank you all again for making Tattered World the best it can be!

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