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Kith-shaped Nuggets by Dread won the Item Design Spotlight! Everyone knows dinosaur shaped nuggets are the superior nuggets, but right now the only nuggets available on site are some boring old cheeprometz nuggets (sorry EF, I love you). Kith-shaped nuggets are the natural in-universe branch from dinosaur, so help me reach my dream of adding the superior nugget to the site!
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New Items: Distracting Toys!

Written by Admin  Posted on July 09, 2020
Settle down, everyone, please - Gefyra, don't pester Katalyma! Ydroplano, shh, that's not a sea monster, it's just Bonnie's singing.

I know that the endless cacophony of pirate shanties this time of year can be overwhelming. Frankly, they're grating on my nerves, too - and it isn't helping that Tethys won't stop belting loudly into every seashell she finds, trying to drown them all out. Some of us have Kith who need a quiet place to nap! Hmph. At least this month, we have the Hope students contributing some actual musical ability - but don't get me started on the crew's off-key renditions of those carefully-crafted lyrics.

Anyway, I've spent many hours meticulously engineering a new set of toys, which should hopefully help calm you all down - even though your nerves are understandably rattled by the fact that Bonnie is now starting on Verse Seventy-Seven - and I think that together, we should be able to have an actual pleasant afternoon.

First up, we have this Barrel of Seamonkeys, which is my own take on a toy from the Enchanted Forest. I remember how stressful that visit was for everybody, so I thought we might want to make better preparations. If it's still upsetting, you can cuddle this My Little Seahorse instead. I ran multiple tests to ensure that it would be comfortable to hug, even for those Kith who have very small fins.

I have also crafted some Netting Dolls.There's one of them for all of you, if you just keep opening them up. Now nobody needs to fight over toys anymore-

No! Stop trying to claim the individual toys with flags! The DIY Flag Kit isn't supposed to be used that way, but… Fine. At least it's a distraction from Verse Seventy-Eight.

Finally, here are some Deluxe Sand Buckets, which can be used to create expert sandcastles. You can also ride in them, or simply have fun stacking them. I spent all of my engineering skills to ensure that, with this assortment of toys, there would be something entertaining for everybody, so-

WHAT. What are you all fighting over? The toys are over here! That's… That's just a wooden Plank that was left over from the toy construction! Why is that the thing that you've all fixated on?

Hmph. Whatever works.

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