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New Premium Items: Celestial Witch Set!

Written by Admin  Posted on June 05, 2020
Uh oh, is it time for my bit already? Hang on, I got it, I promise! Just lemme find the script and - EEP! How come this letter's so long?! I... I didn't know it unscrolled... The Early Winter sure likes to be prepared, huh?
Long, loooong winter...

Yeah... well, maybe he's a little scared to come visit, so he's asking lots of questions to feel more comfy! I bet that's it. Some people get all worried about trying new recipes and wanna read the whole thing before they start instead of having fun as you go along the steps one by one! That's okay, we'll show Winter that any haunting fears are friendly ghosts in the making!
Having fun making Winter FEAR!!

Castwiiiiiick, don't tease him before he even gets here! I'm sure he'll be super-duper friendly and nice when we finally meet him in person. Besides, this might not be so bad! How about I make us lots of yummy snacks, and then we can just go in order down this big ol' list?

Here we go! Question #1 out of 156…

Posted by: "Kosmas, Mystic of Winter, Disciple of Menodora"
Compare and contrast how the historical assignment and transmission of Roles within your Remnant differ throughout the Narrative and Post-Narrative Eras. Please cite specific instances of costuming, script additions and subtractions, and external expectations within the community. Supplemental illustrations are preferred, in order to aid with transference into starlight and preservation in constellation form.

Ummmm… Uummmmmm…....

Oki-doki, I have a better idea! I don't know what my lines are supposed to be here, but if he wants to know about old Roles, let's just go look at some of the past Witch costumes in the attic! Remember when Mr. Giant from the Coral Reef was trying to find out more information about the Sea Witch? We found that neat costume that got made aaaaaaages ago by the Narrator himself!!! I bet if we search real hard, we can find something like that to impress Winter, too!

Let me see… Is there anything interesting here? There's the Watching Witch... Maybe the Ice Witch, because chilly weather...?
Here, here!!!

Ooh, that's the Nightfall Celestial Witch Hat! You're right, Castwick, the Celestial Witch is a perfect choice!

The Winter said that he wanted to make constellations, right? Well, their costume was COVERED with pretty stars!! Plus, they've got such a mysterious story! They didn't have a family to take charge of their costume, and when I asked some of the pack members how come, they said it was actually because the Celestial Witch started out as a special solo audience member that the Narrator decided to cast in a Role!

See? Here we have the Nightfall Celestial Witch Shirt that they always insisted on wearing underneath their costume, and then the Nightfall Celestial Witch Tunic that was one of the costumes that they made themselves for their actual performances! Aren't they so both sparkly? That shirt has such a unique style though… I don't think I've ever seen a costume like that one... It's a shame they didn't last in the spotlight for very long. Grandma always said too many costume changes were dangerous to do alone.

Anyway, their costume was finished up with this Nightfall Celestial Witch Mantle and these Nightfall Celestial Witch Boots! These clothes are all so shiny~

Hopefully this is the kind of thing that Winter wants to see! And even if not, I'm sure that Mr. Headmaster will be happy to stock the Celestial Witch Badge Bundle and Pick-A-Part: Celestial Witch Badge in his Headmaster's Office.

That's probably enough time spent on preparations, don't you think? We don't want to work too hard on this and have our first contest end up like a rock-hard lump of dough that got kneaded too much! And anyway, the theme for June is Fun and Games…
Time for fun! Time for games!

Ha ha! Oki, I agree - the best way to prepare is to play a round of Candy Tag!

Castwick, Castwick, one-two-three,
You're as sticky as can be
Even so... you can't catch me!!


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