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New Premium Items: Forum Banners!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 26, 2020
As we get closer to the launch of Hourly & Daily Quests for the cast of the Golden Colosseum, it's time to deck everyone out in new Forum Banners! You can visit this Forum Banner Previews thread to see what each banner looks like before choosing one for yourself. All of the shop banners can be purchased from the Pick A Part: NPC Shop Banner, but the Map of Golden Colosseum must be earned through Quests!

Since we awarded some Reputation points during the last event, we have created a limited-time Unique Quest that anyone can complete to earn a set of free Letters of Repudiation for any Golden Colosseum NPCs who gave out Reputation in their Event Quests. This Unique Quest will remain available until June 5th for anyone who prefers to reset their Reputation level before starting on the new Quests. Anyone who wishes to progress through the Golden Colosseum Quests spoiler-free should collect their letters and use them as soon as possible, or else you may receive the Achievements for having higher Reputation levels when those are released even if you use the letters before completing any of the new Quests. We plan to release the Quests and Achievements very soon, within the next couple of days.

I've also added the Solarium's Letters to the Headmaster's Office - apparently I forgot to add them when we released the Solarium Quests, whoops! As for the Colosseum Letters, you'll be able to pick those up from the shop once the Golden Colosseum Quests are released.

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