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New Items: May User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 18, 2020
Ugh, it doesn't matter how long I have lived in Hope, this time of year is always too damn muggy. It makes my scars itch and my head ache, blech. You kiddos don't even want to know about the 'sticky' bun situation we got going at home. Jr has been parked in front of a fan 24/7. I guess humidity wasn't really a problem in space, huh?

Thankfully we've got a lighter load of new items to manage during our time of sweating. But I have noticed that the old custom market has been having an understandable slow down. Y'all gotta split your time between monster slaying and crafting now. Can't be easy.

I'll be keeping my eyes on the situation and we may move our release dates around to something that feels more substantial for everyone. Maybe keeping it in the middle of the month with the re-colors added on, maybe something altogether new. If you've got any thoughts or ideas on the upload schedule I'd love to hear it.

For today, though, let's just look at what we've got right now.

Down censor bar
Chubby Body Skin Tone 07

Basic Waistcoat Selection - ( Chrome Basic Waistcoat )
Top Hat Selection - ( Chrome Top Hat )

Battle Scar Selection - ( Nose Scar, Left Clawed Eye Scar, Right Clawed Eye Scar )

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Kith gt kith 3 stage 1 pink

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Cheerful Xeleon
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