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Whereverwinged by Haiz won the Writing Spotlight! Odd question, but you know the sound of your boots hitting the ground? That soft ‘thump’? I swear, it sounds different at Hope than anywhere else.
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April Update: Quintina Revealed

Written by Admin  Posted on April 29, 2020
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Well done, everybody! At last, the final shroud of mists have cleared!

I'm so very proud of you all! That was such a long and gradual process, but I'm happy to be able to finish this… And I'll be even more happy when I can in good conscience finally move back home to Hope full-time, to spend more time with Nicholas and our family.

Even so... I know that I'll keep fighting back the Snarls alongside all of you and your Kith. These constant battles have been stressful, but… You know, with all the friends that we've met as we uncovered more about this Remnant, and all of the new strategies that we've learned… It all somehow makes me feel so... so purposeful! Like I've found something that I was missing all of this time, without even realizing it!

In a strange sense, leading you all here has given me the same satisfaction as guiding and mentoring the young Kith who emerge from the Tatters in Hope. I suppose that, in a way, it's felt like watching a powerful Alliance be made!

After all, so many of the little ones have really come into their own in a whole new way now that they're helping to save people by fighting Snarls in the Arenas! Not to mention the fact that I'm sure that some of you will want to make frequent visits to the Colosseum, or even make a home here... And of course, we can offer any interested people from this Remnant enrollment at our university! Hope hasn't been lost yet!

Now let's see what this last fog bank was covering...

Oh, how marvelous! I've heard people referring to the Golden Colosseum's Armorer... This must be where she makes all of this Remnant's amazing armor, magical weaponry, and enchanted clothing! I know that many of you have been quite excited to find this particular shop at last!

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