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April Fools!

Written by Admin  Posted on April 01, 2020
Ah damnit, mods are already out in force... I guess they still haven't forgiven me for last year's little additions to the library. I knew I shouldn't have slept in at the nurse's- er, nevermind. Gotta be quick. No time to stock all the stores like last year. Least of all without Club's help. If y'all are still looking for some illicit reading, stop by for an Hourly Quest from your old pal Shady or dig through my shop stock sometime this month. I got the back door propped open if y'all wanna send your Kith along to pick up the goods. Ain't got time to randomize the lot, so you can just pick which fic you're after in the Friend Fiction Selection so long as we keep this between us, capiche? I scratch your back, you pay me back in good Shards.

And since I've got it on a good source that we got newcomers arriving all month, well... let's keep these books coming until April 30th, end of the month. We've already got two fresh printings available for this year, between miss misty and my own preferred subject. So keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground for any other hot-off-the-press releases.

Stay fools, my friends. And don't tell no one 'cept trusted pals.

Rainbow Admin Edit: Shady! I SEE YOU, MISTER! I can't stop you from giving out Hourly Quests before you're supposed to, but I can stop those Quests from giving Reputation! QUIT CHEATING!

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