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Code Update: 3/17/2020

Written by Admin  Posted on March 16, 2020
Edit 2: As of 8:30AM CHT, the moves have been fixed. Unfortunately, the bug was caused due to the new scaling calculation. This means Snarls using Attack and Defend will probably produce some weird, imbalanced numbers until we can fix the underlying issue.

Edit: As of 12:50AM CHT, the moves seem to have a bug that I cannot fully resolve. I have modified the Attack and Defend so that they use slightly incorrect version of the new calculations and that seems to have helped some, but it's nearly 1AM where I live and I need to put this down for the night. I will fix the battle system as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience.

Midnight update! Unfortunately, the servers decided to have a temper tantrum, and rebooting them pushed some in-progress code updates through. So you're getting these a bit earlier than planned! Please note that you may need to log out, clear your cache, and log back in again if you get any "page not found" errors. I had already pre-written the news for this update, so check it out below:

Here come a number of code updates to the battle system! This is just round one, tackling the easier changes suggested in the Feedback thread. More changes will continue to happen in time, since some updates take longer to figure out than others.

The way that Snarls scale to match your Kith has been adjusted to be more accurate to your Kith's exact ability average! This means that weaker Kith will have Snarls weakened to approximately match their abilities, while powerful Kith with higher abilities will no longer face the weird difficulty shift from easy to hard after eating a single food item.

We've also updated the Attack and Defend Strategies to use less randomization. The Snarls' Attacks have been adjusted so that they should be able to do both more or less than your Kith's damage by having more randomness, but this is a temporary measure so that one-on-one battles still have some challenge! We'll be dropping these numbers once we add multiple Snarls to a battle.

The bug where having multiple tabs open meant you could attack repeatedly on a single turn has been fixed.

The bug where your Kith Profile page displayed items in the wrong area has been fixed.

If you choose to spend a Gem to continue a battle, the battle will no longer count as a Loss (unless you lose again after spending the Gem).

We have added a "Fight Again!" button after completing a battle. This should automatically redirect you back to the "prepare for battle" page where you can change your Kith, Arena, and items (coming soon in another update). You will need to still click "Start Battle" to confirm. I know some people want to be able to immediately hop into a battle without the extra click, but this step will be important once we add item selection to battles. The plan is that "Fight Again!" will automatically re-add any unused items you took into the last battle, but since you might have used some items, we want you to have a place to add more items before you start a new battle again.

For anyone who has not battled before, the Active Kith should be the default Kith you see on the "prepare for battle" page, but we have now updated the page to remember whomever you took into a battle last. This should make it easier to keep one Kith going through many battles! Once we add multiple Kith, this will also make team selection a bit faster.

Moves that do not effect enemy Snarls no longer need to select a target.

The "Skip Turn" button has been moved to the bottom of the Battle page.

The "You Won"/"You Lost" image is now overlaid on top of the Arena for better spacing on the Battle page.

The page title that you see displayed on your browser's tab has been updated to read "Battle" to help those of you with lots of tabs open.

You can press the spacebar to confirm an enemy Snarl's turn. We'll be adding more refined keyboard controls at a later date.

Last but not least, a much-requested update to the Health bars will now display the current Health of each creature in plain numbers on each Health bar. You can also view the max vs current Health on the Status tabs.

We are working to implement many more suggestions made in the Feedback thread while slowly rolling out more features of the battle system. Our next update should include items and multiple Snarls in a single battle! We'll see you there when we reach the next Event Checkpoint. As usual, if you find any problems, please report them in the Technical Support Forum.

Thank you all again for helping make Tattered World the best it can be.

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