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Quantum Nano-Optics of Semiconductors by Jasmine won the Gallery Spotlight!
So I work in a pretty awesome lab, and I did my best to recreate it here. I'm happy to explain any of the equipment!
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Site Contest: March 2020

Written by Admin  Posted on March 16, 2020
So, you've been doing a decent job at fighting your way through the Snarls. Impressive. Good work. I applaud your efforts. Woo.

Now that we've dispensed with the tiresome required praise, we can discuss more important matters. Namely, that you're still only a fraction of the way there, have sustained massive property damage, and still have a very high likelihood of dying at the first sign of any actual threat.

Why are you looking at me like that? I'm being helpful.

Right, right... Everyone else thinks that I should make this more fun for you. Keep your spirits up. Hmm...

When I was reading over the last few transcriptions of my recent prophecies, I noticed some repeated references to a "contest of wills" as "Winter gives way to Spring". There are two possible interpretations that came to mind.

One: the Gods are speaking metaphorically about the dawn of a new era, and the "contest of wills" represents the endless striving against destruction that now categorizes your new reality, as you fight vainly against a world that is pushing you ever closer to death, loss, and sorrow.

Two: I'm supposed to host something called the "March Site Contest."

...You all want the second one? Fine. To keep it topical, it will be Battle-themed. Let's have a Clothing Design Category, where you submit your most battle-ready attire for review from your fellow Heroes.

Likewise, let's also have a Battle Quote Contest in the Writing Category. Since you're new to battle, your Kith might not be sure what to say. This isn't a problem that my own Kith has ever had, but I'm extrapolating. You'll enter this contest by writing some Kith quotes for a given species, one for each personality. A quote for when they win a Battle - and a quote for when they lose. I'm sure that Kith will be eager to repeat anything the winner chooses, unless the Staff have to make edits. In that case, I disclaim responsibility.

This contest will end on March 29th at 12:00 (noon) CHT. Although your continued survival seems like it should be plenty of motivation on its own, the winner of each category, as chosen by the Cheers of your fellow Heroes, will also receive some additional prizes. The winner of the Battle Category will earn 100 Gems, and the winner of the Clothing Design Category will win a Custom Clothing Submission. Likewise, both will obtain a special Achievement and some unique items-

Curse it, I feel another prophecy coming on. You'll have to read the Rules on your own time. Pay close attention. The Gods are notoriously unreliable.

I'll see you all soon.

Assuming you survive that long.

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